Product Management

2016 年 06 月 12 日



  • Detailed project planning

— We are intent on addressing your specific needs and aims to provide exceptional customer service.

— We offer customized project planning. Its our pleasure to do business with you.


  • Project Coordination

    What customer have done on market and aim to accomplish more in the future

    The smart lock is one of the utilization of BLE Technology



—-Heartrate monitor

            Another application of BLE technology is heart rate monitor

             This is now a more flexible choice for runners to record and monitor physical status during their activities



                              —- Bluetooth toothbrush

    This enables users to record their toothbrush usage pattern and meanwhile parents can view if their children are properly brushing their tooth.



   Bluetooth Selfie remote control

stable your selfie

Future plan

Location positioning bracelet

Using Bluetooth instead of GPS to help labor group management in a institution or factory is a project we are working on now

This involve innovation of layout design to fit specific environment like factory plants with complex device or high- risk chemical laboratory and expecially suitable in medical institutions for positioning medical equipments


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