2017 年 09 月 07 日


The ISBLE1506-x52 Series from iSenseTek is a powerful, highly flexible Bluetooth Smart module based on the nRF52832 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor. With an ARM® CortexTM M4 CPU, embedded 2.4GHz transceiver, and on-board printer antenna. The ISBLE1506-P52 module is the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module in the market, the size is only 15mm*6mm include antenna, it provides a complete RF solution with no additional RF design, allowing faster time to market. The ISBLE1506-P52 provides full use of the nRF5232’s on-chip peripherals, allowing for a wide range of applications without the need for an external host microcontroller; simplifying designs and reducing BOM costs. The ISBLE1506-x52 is pin compatible with ISBLE1506-x51 series.


ISBLE1506-x52: Datasheet-1506 Wireless Module (nRF52832)_V13-20170324.pdf

  1. Key Features

ARM® CortexTM-M4 32 bit processor with FPU,64MHz

 Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Memory

Flexible Power Management

Nordic Soft Device ready

Digital microphone interface (PDM)

12-bit, 200 ksps ADC – 8 configurable channels with programmable gain

32 General Purpose I/O Pins

5x 32 bit timers with counter mode

Up to 3x SPI master/slave

64 level comparator

Temperature sensor

Up to 2x I2C compatible 2-Wire master/slave


Autonomous peripheral operation without CPU intervention using PPI Quadrature Decoder (QDEC)

AES HW encryption
3x real-time counter (RTC)

 -96 dBm sensitivity in Bluetooth® low energy mode

 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps supported data rates

 TXPower-20to+4dBmin4dBsteps

 RSSI (1 dB resolution)

 512 kB embedded flash program memory

 64 kB RAM

 Supply voltage range 1.8 V to 3.6 V

 Fast wake-up using 64 MHz internal oscillator

 0.7μAat3VinOFFmode

 1.0 μA at 3 V in OFF mode with 32 kB RAM retention

 1.9 μA at 3 V in ON mode, no RAM retention, wake on RTC